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The Young Israel of Aberdeen happily accepts donations via mail or Paypal. When making a donation, please follow the instructions found below.

  1. Please make check payable to Young Israel of Aberdeen
  2. Please mail check to 479 Lloyd Road, Aberdeen, NJ 07747
  3. Please include all special instructions (i.e. purpose of funds)
  4. Please let us know if the donation is in honor/memory of someone
  1. You can make a donation vial Paypal by clicking on the button below
  2. In order to make a donation via Paypal you will need to have or create a Paypal account
  3. On the first page, enter the purpose and amount of funds, then log in
  4. On the second page, please include any special instructions (i.e. if the donation is in memory/honor of someone)
  5. On the second page, you will also need to select a source of funds - bank account or credit card (we encourage credit card)

Thank you for your donation. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.