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Divrei Torah
Parashat Terumah - Intent
By Rabbi Chaim Lobel

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Shacharis - 6:20/6:30AM
Minha - 3:15PM
Maariv - 9:15PM
Daily Minha and Maariv
services are held at
Yeshiva Gedolah

Parshas Shemos
Candelighting - 4:25 PM
Friday Minha - 4:50 PM
Shabbos Ends - 5;34 PM
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Kiddush sponsored
this week by the Kiddush Fund
Seudas Shlishi
sponsored this week
by Jacques Lemis.
Young Israel of Aberdeen - Congregation Bet Tefilah
479 Lloyd Road, Aberdeen, NJ 07747
Tel. 732-583-6262