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Built on Tradition.

Welcome to Young Israel of Aberdeen - Congregation Bet Tefilah, an orthodox synagogue serving the Aberdeen, Hazlet, Holmdel and Morganville communities.

Since 1979, Congregation Bet Tefilah has uninterruptedly maintained its strong Orthodox standards. The shul supplements a daily minyan with a myriad of Torah classes and community activities. Our Torah classes include the concise Halachic shiur following the daily minyan, inspirational Shabbos pre-Mincha shiur on Pirkei Avos and many more. Our shul is open to the community every Sunday morning for our famous "Breakfast and Learn" program which combines an old-fashioned, full brunch-type breakfast with an up-to-the-minute, topical discussion of Halacha, These are just a few of the shul's offerings that create a warm and vibrant community. We invite you to visit our shul and see firsthand why we are built on tradition.



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About YIA



Rabbi Yaakov Tesser is the dynamic young leader behind much of the expanding activities that make the shul and community so exciting. Educated at Yeshivas Ner Moshe, in Jerusalem as well as locally, at Yeshiva Gedola of Cliffwood, in Aberdeen, NJ. As a student, he not only studied many tractates of the Talmud in depth and exhaustively covered topics in Halacha, but was among the founders of the community kollel, which remains there today. The Rabbi’s continuing connection with the Yeshiva through his teaching and advising of the bachurim enables him to make arrangements for advanced study at the Yeshiva for those members of the congregation who wish to do so. Rabbi Tesser, his wife Malky and 3 boys reside in Aberdeen.

Rabbi Tesser is available for consultations on all subject matter. Feel free to contact him with your questions and/or concerns.

Tel: 908.783.0014, 

Email: yaakovtesser@outlook.com




Born and raised in Washington Heights, Steven Dublon attended Talmud Torah and belonged to Congregation Shaare during his formative years. He has taught at P.S. 194 Manhattan for over 34 years and has been President of Young Israel of Aberdeen for the last 15 years. Steve carries out multiple functions for the Shul including frequently leading services and weekly Torah Parsha readings. When he is not showing his dedication to the shul, he enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren.

Email: sdublon@yahoo.com




Morton Buchalter, CPA, has been the Treasurer at YIA for several years. 


YIA Sisterhood

The YIA Sisterhood is an active group of women whose mission is to do whatever is needed--when and wherever needed-- to assist the shul, while still managing to have (kosher!) fun.  The year kicks off with a paid-up-membership dinner at a nearby kosher restaurant and then year-round fundraising efforts -- from the YIA calendar to mishloah manos Purim baskets, from a Pesach wine sale to Yom Tov and Shabbos kiddushim -- are interspersed with gatherings such as movie nights, sports events and parties for whichever occasions may present themselves. Performing mitzvos in a social context is the order of the day.


Eleanor Edelstein, President - adily@aol.com
Judy Mindick, Treasurer - jmindick@aol.com


Bayshore Hebrew Sunday School

It is our commitment at BayShore Hebrew Sunday School that each child receives a Jewish education no matter the background and family affiliations. It is our commitment to every Jewish Child to teach him and to ensure our Heritage passed to the next generation. It is our commitment to ensure our values and traditions stay sacred and properly cherished by our children. 

Directed by the shul’s Rabbi and taught by two seminary-educated young women, the school has engendered such enthusiasm and produced such excellent results among its students that many of their parents have been drawn into shul activities and even spend their chagim with us.


The Community

Welcome to Aberdeen, NJ, a unique community that combines abundant natural beauty, easy access to urban centers and every amenity you could ask for, all wrapped up in a surprisingly affordable package. Surrounded by an extensive eruv, Young Israel of Aberdeen, hosts minyanim throughout the week and a Mikvah. This active 100% Orthodox synagogue is hospitable to everyone from all walks of life. A Kosher Experience in the nearby, award-winning supermarket can alone satisfy all your kosher food needs, yet is readily supplemented with local, fresh produce at nearby year-round and seasonal farm markets. A quality Jewish education through middle school is available at Shalom Torah Academy, a mere ten minutes away as well as a sea of selections in Lakewood just 30 minutes away. Aberdeen’s Yeshivah Gedolah of Cliffwood provides a wide variety of learning opportunities that can be arranged through our Rabbi.

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The City of Aberdeen Eruv

The City of Aberdeen Eruv is under the Hashgacha of the Shul's Rabbi Yaakov Tesser. The Rav Hamachshir overseeing the entire operation of the Eruv is Rabbi Rephoel Szmerla of Lakewood, New Jersey. The Eruv is checked weekly and is approved Kosher in accordance with the strictest level of Halacha. For further questions regarding the Eruv, please ask the Rabbi.

Kosher Eateries

Kosher Chinese Express in Manalapan delivers their amazing food to our area as well as Glatt Bite in Lakewood. Lakewood is just 30 minutes away and is home to many restaurants. Capri Kosher, a Kosher dairy restaurant in Manalapan is a great place to eat and offers an array of Italian food options. 


Shoprite of Aberdeen holds a fully stocked Kosher experience. Fresh and delicious kosher food is always available including seasonal products for all Yomim Tovim. The Frum staff at Kosher experience has been super accommodating over the years making it the number one shopping place for all families of the nearby Kollel families in Cliffwood as well as the Young Israel of Aberdeen families. 


Weekly Dvar Torah on the Parsha

November 17, 2017

Parshat Toldos

“A son is a son”

“And Yitzchok loved Eisau because he was a Tzayid B’fiv” (25:28) Rashi explains “Tzayid B’fiv” which literally means “A trapper from his mouth” with two explanations: 1. Eisau was man in the field and would bring homes his day’s animals he hunted for his father to eat. 2. Eisau would win people over with his mouth—he was a ‘smooth-talker’

The Talmud in tractate Shabbos 89B adds another explanation to Tzayid B’fiv” and why Yitzchok loved Eisau so much. One instance when the Jewish people sinned very much Hashem, in heaven approached our forefathers saying “Banecha Chutoo” Your children sinned. Avraham responded if so, they should be punished. Yaakov Avinu responded the same. Yitzchok, however responded differently, says the Talmud. He responded that so did my child, Eisau, and you know what, I loved him either way. I never disliked or over-punished my son, the sin-doer because he sinned. He gave me much anguish and I loved him through it. “Because a son is a son”. So too you, Hashem, your children are your children.

During the Yom Kippur war in 1973, it was a big struggle for the Israeli army like we all know. Rabbi Chaim Shmuelevits would constantly go pray at the tombstone of the son of David. Avshalom’s grave is located at the bottom of Har Hazetim, the Mount of Olives and was “Yad Avshalom”. Rabbi Chaim Shmuelevitz would cry there for the Jewish people begging Hashem to please save us. After a few weeks, his students finally asked him ‘teach us rabbi, Israeli possesses many different grave sites of the holy people, out of all people you have to choose the one that rebelled against his father David throughout his entire  life time??” Rabbi Shmuelevits responded as follows “when Avshalom passed away of course gehinniom was waiting for him as the Gemara tells us.  At eulogy, David said bni bni bni bni 8 times. (These verses are in the end of Samuel 1). These 8 times were David’s prayers that Avshalom be exempt from the flames of Gehinnom and elevate his souls up 7 levels to the highest of Eden. David explained that no matter what “a son is a son”. R Chaim continued to explain “now the IDF is fighting, I want to come here and specifically here to pray as over here this man was taken from Gehinniom to Eden ‘for the mere fact that he is your child Hashem – we are too your children and please save us from the hands of our enemies”

The Talmud in Shabbos above explains this to be the meaning of “Tzayid B’fiv”—Yitzchok loved Eisau because of him the Jews would be saved later, he was the savior later for generations to come so we can pray to G-d that we are your children no matter the circumstance.

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